20. Urgences - Réfugiés - Catastrophes - Conflits / Emergencies - Refugees - Disaster - Conflicts
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Code Titre / Title
MSF Evaluation / Assessment
  L020ASSM01E-P Rapid health assessment of refugees or displaced population
L020EMEM05E-P Rapid  population estimation in emergencies
L020ASSM03E-E Assessment Toolkit, Part I: Practical steps for the assessment of health and humanitarian crisis
  L020EMEM02E-P Emergency Prepardness - The spirit and the toolkit! + Annexes
  L020EMEM02F-P PrŽparation aux urgences : the spirit and the toolkit! + Annexes
L020EMEM03E-P The priorities-Checklists, Indicators, Standards, Situation with displacement of population
L020EMEM03F-P Les prioritŽs-Checklistes-Indicateurs-Standards, Situation avec dŽplacement de population
L020EMEX06E-P Interpreting and using mortality data in humanitarian emergencies, a primer for non-epidemiologistsists
MSF Urgences / Emergencies
L020EMEM04E-P Providing Care for an Influx of Wounded - War Wounded - Natural Disasters + Annexes
L020EMEM04F-P Prise en charge d'un afflux de blessŽs - blessŽs de guerre et catastrophes naturelles + Annexes
L020EMEM06E-P Distribution Non Food Items, Emergencies Displaced/Refugies and Natural Catastrophes
L020EMEM06F-P Distribution Non Food Items, Urgences DŽplacŽs/RŽfugiŽs et Catastrophes Naturelles
  L020EMEM07E-P Floods
  L020EMEM11E-P Sexual and Reproductive health in Emergencies + Annexes
L020EMEM11F-P SantŽ sexuelle et reproductive en situation d'urgence + Annexes
L020EMEX02E-E Environmental Health in Emergencies and Disasters
  L020EMEX03E-P Handbook for emergencies
L020EMEX04E-P Care in the field for victims of weapons of war
L020EMEX18E-E Acute diarrhoeal diseases in complex emergencies: critical steps
L020EMEX18F-E Les maladies diarrhŽiques aigŸes dans les situations d'urgence complexes: mesures essentielles
  L020EMEX21A-P Management of dead bodies after disasters : a field manual for first responders in Arabic
L020EMEX21E-P Management of dead bodies after disasters : a field manual for first responders
  L020EMEX21F-P La gestion des dŽpouilles mortelles lors de catastrophes
MSF Réfugiés - Refugees
L020RESM01E-P Refugee health: an approach in emergency situations
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