16. Nutrition / Nutrition
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MSF Evaluation / Evaluation
L016NUTM02E-P Food Security Guidelines : a guide and module toolbox for assessing food securiy in MSF
L016NUTM02F-P Manuel de sécurité alimentaire
L016NUTX28E-P Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook
  For Assessment, see Smart website and Fanta Projects website
MSF Traitement / Treatment
  L016NUTM19E-E Protocols for Paediatrics, Nutritional  Aspect, Case Management of Severe Malnutrition and its Medical Complications (PEDNUT)
  L016NUTM19F-E Protocole de PEC, volet Nutritionnel, de la malnutrition aigüe de l'enfant
L016NUTM01E-P Nutrition Guidelines
  L016NUTM04E-P Nutrition - situation with displacement of population + Annexes
  L016NUTM04F-P Nutrition - situation avec déplacement de population + Annexes
L016NUTM32E-P MSF Nutritional Protocol 6-59 Monts Inpatient, 2020
  Protocol for Nutrition support and Malnutrition treatment in Pregnant and Lactating Women see 009
L016NUTX06E-P Food and nutrition handbook
  Micronutriens / Micronutrientes
L016NUTX21E-E Scurvy and its prevention and control in major emergencies
L016NUTX22E-E Thiamine deficiency and its prevention and control in major emergencies
L016NUTX23E-P Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition
L016NUTX24E-E Optimal feeding of low birth-weight infants in low and midl-income countries
  L016NUTX30E-P UNHCR Operational Guidance on the Use of Special Nut Products to Reduce Micronut Deficiencies and Malnut in Refugee Pop°
  L016NUTX46E-P Technical note: Supplementary foods for the mngt of moderate, acute malnut in infants and children 6-59 months of age
  VIH-SIDA et Nutrition / Nutrition HIV-AIDS
L016AIDX03E-P Food and nutrition implications of antiretroviral therapy in resource limited settings
L016AIDX03F-P Les traitements antirétroviraux dans des contextes aux ressources limitées : implications pour l'alimentation et la nutrition
L016AIDX06E-E Nutrition Counselling, care and support for HIV infected women
  L016AIDX10E-E Update Guidelines HIV and Infant Feeding
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