10. Pédiatrie / Pediatrics
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MSF Soins Néonataux / Neonatal Care
  L010NEOM05E-E MSF Neonatal Care Policy 2016
  L010NEOM08E-E MSF International Neonatal Strategic Paper
  L010NEOM05F-E MSF Politique Neonatale 2016
  L010NEOM07E-P MSF International Neonatal Care Guideline, 2018
  L010NEOM01F-P Soins nŽonatals avancŽs 2015
  L010NEOM02E-P Essential Neonatal Care 2015
  L010NEOM02F-P Soins essentiels neonatals 2015
L010NEOX03E-P Neonatology Management, Procedures, On-Call Problems, Diseases and drugs: Clinical Manual
  L010NEOX13F-P Infections nŽonatales bactŽriennes, mycosiques, parasitaires et virales
  L010NEOX14E-P Evidence-Based Neonatal Infections
  L010NEOX11E-P Helping Babies Breathe Facilitator Flipchart
  L010NEOX11F-P Aider les bébés à respirer Flipchart
  L010NEOX12E-P Helping Babies Breathe Facilitator Learner Workbook
  L010NEOX12F-P Aider les bébés à respirer - Manuel pour Apprenants
  L010NEOX15E-P Essential Care for Every Baby Flipchart
  L010NEOX15F-P Soins Essentiels pour tous les bébés Flipchart
  L010NEOX16E-P Essential Care for Small Babies, Flipchart
  L010NEOX16F-P Soins Essentiels pour les petits Bébés, Flipchart
  L010NEOX17E-P Essential Care for Small Babies, Provider
  L010NEOX17F-P Soins Essentiels pour les petits Bébés, Manuel du dispensateur
MSF Pédiatrie / Pediatrics
  L010PEDM02E-P Pediatrics Guideline - Revised 1st Edition, 2017-18
  L010PEDM02F-P Guide Pédiatrique - 1ère Edition révisée, 2017-18
  L010PEDM03E-P MSF eCare - Clinical algorithm and recommendations for the management of acute illnesses in children aged 2 months up to 5 years in primary health care facilities
  L010PEDM03F-P MSF eCare - Algorithme clinique et recommandations pour la prise en charge des maladies aigŸes des enfants agŽs de 2 mois ˆ 5 ans dans les centres de santŽ primaire
  L010PEDM01E-P ETAT in  Pediatrics and Nutrition Pediatrics - OCG guideline 2015
  L010PEDM01F-P TETU en pŽdiatrie et nutrition pŽdiatrique - guide OCG 2015
L010PEDX03E-P Pocket book Hospital care for Children
  L010PEDX03F-P Soins hospitaliers pŽdiatriques 
  L010PEDX05F-P Urgences PŽdiatriques ChŽron
  L010PEDX07E-P Illustrated textbook for paediatrics, 2017
L010PEDX07F-P Manuel de pŽdiatrie
L010PEDX08E-P Evidence-Based Pediatric infections Diseases
L010PEDX09E-P Emergencies in Paediatrics and Neonatology
L010PEDX19F-P Urgences PŽdiatriques Huault
  L010PEDX21E-E Current Pediatric Diagnosis & Treatment
  L010PEDX22E-P The Harriet Lane Handbook, 2017
  L010PEDX30E-P Update Guideline Paediatric Emergency Triage, Assessment and Treatment, care of critically ill children
  L010PEDX31E-P WHO IMCI Chart Booklet
  L010PEDX13E-P Atlas of pediatrics dermatology in the Tropics and resource-limited settings
  L010PEDX12E-P Nelson's Pocket Book of Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy
  L010PEDX28E-P Update to the Optimal List of Paediatric ARV Formulations
  L010PEDX29F-P Tables de posologies des ARV pédiatriques
  Other MSF Pediatrics Integrating HIV + TB Care in basic health care package in MSF projects see 007
  references Paediatric HIV handbook see 007
    Prevention Mother-to-Child transmission of HIV - 2014 : Protocol see 007
    HIV and Adolescents : Guidance for HIV testing and Counselling see 007
    Flyer ARV / VL see 007
    Updates on HIV and infant feeding see 016
    Desk-guide for diagnosis and management of TB in children see 004
  Paediatrics and Nutrition Case Management of Measles Clinical Case Protocol see 003
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