6. Maladies Parasitaires / Parasitic Infectious Diseases  
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MSF Leishmaniose / Leishmaniasis
  L006LEIM01E-P MSF Kala Azar Manual, 2016
L006LEIX01A-E Control of the leishmaniases in Arabic
L006LEIX01E-P Control of the leishmaniases
L006LEIX01F-P La lutte contre la leishmaniose
L006LEIX02A-P Manual on visceral leishmaniasis control in Arabic + Annexes
L006LEIX02E-E Manual on visceral leishmaniasis control + Annexes
  L006LEIX11E-P Manual for case management of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region
MSF Paludisme / Malaria
  L006MALM02E-P MSF Policy on Malaria - 2017 + Highlights
  L006MALM02F-P Politique Malaria de MSF 2017
  L006MALM10E-P The Administration of Artesunate injections (Artesun¨), practical aspects, 2015
  L006MALM10F-P L'administration d'injections d'ArtŽsunate (Artesun¨), aspects pratiques, 2015
  L006MALM16E-P The Management of Malaria Outbreaks Guidelines, 2014
  L006MALM16F-P La gestion des ŽpidŽmies de paludisme Ligne directrice, 2014
L006MALX01E-P Management of severe malaria. A practical handbook
L006MALX01F-P Prise en charge du paludisme grave, guide pratique
  L006MALX05E-P Guidelines for the treatment of malaria
L006MALX05F-P Directives pour le traitement du paludisme
L006MALX10E-E Malaria and HIV interactions and their implications for public health policy
L006MALX10F-E Paludisme et HIV interactions et rŽpercussions sur les politiques de santŽ publiques
L006MALX11E-E Malaria control in humanitarian emergencies in inter-agency field handbook
L006MALX16E-P World Malaria Report 2019
L006MALX19E-E Antimarial combinations
L006MALX21E-E Good Procurement practices for artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines
L006MALX22E-E Severe Malaria / Tropical Medicine & International Health
L006MALX18E-P Malaria Vector Control and Personal Protection
L006MALX18F-P Paludisme : Lutte antivectorielle et protection individuelle
  L006MALX23E-P Intermittent preventive treatment for infants using sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (IPTi-SP) for malaria control in Africaeld guide
  L006MALX23F-P Traitement prŽventif intermittent du nourrisson ˆ la sulfadoxine-pyrimŽthamine (TPIN-SP) pour lutter contre le paludisme en Afriqueuide de la mise en Ïuvre sur le terrain
  L006MALX24E-P Seasonal malaria chemoprevention with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine plus amodiaquine in children: A field guide
  L006MALX24F-P ChimioprŽvention du paludisme saisonnier par administration de sulfadoxine-pyrimŽthamine et dÕamodiaquine aux enfantsrain
  L006MALX25E-E Guidance on temporary malaria control measures in Ebola-affected countries
  L006MALX25F-E Orientations sur les mesures temporaires de lutte antipaludique dans les pays affectŽs par le virus Ebola
  L006MALX26E-E Universal access to malaria diagnostic testing – An operational manual
  L006MALX26F-E Accs universel aux tests diagnostiques du paludisme. Manuel pratique
  L006MALX27E-E Policy brief on single-dose primaquine as a gametocytocide in Plasmodium falciparum malaria
  L006MALX27F-E Note dÕorientation sur la primaquine en dose unique comme gamŽtocytocide dans le paludisme ˆ Plasmodium falciparum
  L006MALX28E-E Control and elimination of Plasmodium vivax malaria – A technical brief
  L006MALX28S-E Control y eliminacion del paludismo por plasmodium vivax. Informe Tecnico
  L006MALX29E-E Recommendations on the role of mass drug administration, mass screening and treatment, and focal screening and treatment for malaria
  L006MALX30E-E Update on artemisinin and ACT resistance  September 2015
  L006MALX31E-E Conditions for use of long-lasting insecticidal nets treated with a pyrethroid and piperonyl butoxide
  L006MALX32E-P Indoor residual spraying: An operational manual for IRS for malaria transmission, control and elimination. Second edition
  Schistosomiase / Schistosomiasis
L006SCHX01E-E The control of schistosomiasis
L006SCHX01F-E Lutte contre la schistosomiase
L006SCHX01S-E Control de la esquistosomiasis
  L006SCHX04E-P Female Genital Schistosomiasis
MSF Trypanosomiase / Trypanosomiasis
L006TRYM03E-P Sleeping sickness, practical manual for treatment and control of Human African Trypanosomiasis
L006TRYX01E-P Control and surveillance of Human African Trypanosomiasis
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